About Us

Following a long working partnership with the University of Newcastle, commencing 2017 Dan Archer Medical is spearheading an initiative to establish a dedicated Research and Development Foundation within the University. The purpose is to profoundly enhance the University’s capacity to undertake research and clinical practice in the very important area of improving the health of the foot, lower limb and lower back. The Foundation is to be known as the Foot Bio-Tec Foundation.

Dan Archer Medical designs, manufactures & supplies a range of ultra-comfortable, cost-effective, specialist orthotic footwear which incorporates the latest technology. Our premium brand name is Foot Bio-Tec. Our professionally designed orthotic footwear fundamentally helps address most of the underlying causes that lead to poor biomechanics. This is accomplished by supporting and realigning the foot structure and redistributing the body’s weight on the feet.

Studies have proven that a great majority of foot & lower limb conditions can be treated equally successfully by EITHER professionally designed & affordable over-the-counter orthotics OR expensive custom made orthotics. We work closely in undertaking research of the foot and lower limb with the Department of Podiatric Medicine of the University of Newcastle. Studies conducted by the Department have proven that Foot Bio-Tec Orthotic footwear is significantly effective in reducing foot pain and improving foot function.

Dan Archer Medical is also committed to educating the public about the many health benefits of wearing professionally designed orthotic footwear.


Dan Archer Medical orthotic footwear can be dispensed directly by health practitioners to their clients.

Dan Archer Medical also seeks to directly educate the public in self-assessment skills to facilitate their understanding & purchase of over-the-counter orthoses.

Dan Archer Medical will continue to work enthusiastically for the future of your health.

Dr Vivienne Chuter and her members of the team at The University of Newcastle presented a report at the Sports Medicine Australia Conference held on the Gold Coast on 21 – 24 October, 2015.

In their presentation, Foot Bio-Tec Orthotic footwear were reported to significantly reduce foot pains, greatly improve foot function & markedly increase user comfort.